Fizioklinika is one of the first clinic which provide kinesiotherapy, functional medicine, sports reabilitation services in Lithuania. We are proud of effective treatment methods which ensure different view on kinesioterapy by professional kinesiotherapists.

Competence, experience and result – the main indexs of advantage of our specialists. That is why we are happy to help our patients who have movement disorders and everyone who wants to move without pain.

Specialists of Fizioklinika usually apply Scandinavian rehabilitation practice. Treatment is based on individual expertise of health condition and needs of each patient. It consists of two stages:

  • By the time of consultation kinesioteraphist become acquainted with patient’s ilness history, reasons of pain and dynamics of it. Specialists also analyze skeletal muscular system to establish reason of disorder. For this purpose we use various funscional tests which made of special movements, repeated loads, passive positions.
  • Individual treatment or making a plan for health strengthening.
The main activity principle Fizioklinika specialists leads – an organism of every person is different, that is why every patient gets individual program of treatement and health strenghtening. The same program can not be appointed to other patient.  All the attention of our clinic doctors granted on solution of the reason, not consequences!

If you tired of pain – we will help you to move without it!